Monday, November 27, 2006


Web Scavanger Hunt

I've been going over some of the exercises from earlier in the semester to try to evaluate how much progress I've made in the brave new world of technology that we've explored. The results seem to be mixed. I was pleased to see that I improved on the web scavenger hunt, but I still wasn't finding everything.

I think the problem is learning the language that search engines respond to. I find the same problem emerged when I began searching library catelogues, online resources, etc. I think that more effort should be made to educate students in search engine style enqueries. There are maps showing where all the call numbers are listed, and volumes explaining what each Library of Congress designation is; don't electronic resources deserve the same? Sure there's the explaination of boolean search style, but many search engines are different, and what works for one doesn't always give you the same results from another.

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