Monday, December 18, 2006


Corporate Responsibility?

I'm pretty appalled by the level of corporate responsibility shown in some sectors of the technology field. Incidents like Enron have forced a new emphasis on ethics in business. Business programs all require ethics courses and accreditation exams all have sections on ethics, for the CFA (certified financial advisor) exam, if you fail the ethics section, you fail the exam. So why do businesses in technology not have the same practices? If you need ethics to deal with peoples' money, why not for their computers? For many, computers are necessary to their financial health. When technology fails, it costs to repair/replace just as insider trading costs regular shareholders.

The main trigger to my concern with corporate responsibility in technology was the spectacle of near-rioting hordes of consumers trying to get hold of the new Playstation 3. It's not the first time new technological gadgets have caused a commotion, it has become a common ploy to generate even more 'buzz' about new products. The company deliberately shorts production so that demand outweighs supply, think of it like this: demand>supply=riot. Now I know the people shoving and stampeding one another have a responsibility in the situation. But many laws exist to protect people from themselves (seatbelts, restricted substances...), it seems logical that laws need to protect people in these situations as well.

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